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28 February 2016

New Old Things

by Patrick Sanders

I’ve been flying under the radar lately, bogged down with work (but learning a lot!). I’m taking some time to try to get some older projects out in the open.

The first of these projects is a fun one from a few years ago, which I refer to as Muse. Muse is designed to be an aggregator of music data from various sources. As it currently stands, Muse only pulls from The Echo Nest API. You can see it in action because, even after all this time, it’s still running strong on Google App Engine.

The next project is mdb-to-postgres. mdb-to-postgres is a small web app that is used, as the name suggests, to import a Microsoft Access database file into PostgreSQL on a Linux system. I know it’s oddly specific, but it was purpose-made to solve a fairly unique problem.

Lastly, we have map-deny, which is the beginning of a small web application to show a map of IP addresses in the hosts.deny file generated by denyhosts. map-deny does geoip lookups against the freely available GeoLite2 database created by MaxMind. Since starting this project, I have switched from denyhosts to fail2ban. I haven’t adapted this project to import log files from fail2ban, so this project has fallen to the wayside. I still think it’s a pretty cool concept though, so I want to keep it around for possible future iterations.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks for stopping by!